Stacey on IoT | CHIP products will be out next year

The Zigbee Alliance this week offered — nine months after announcing it was forthcoming — an update on Project Connected Home over IP, an effort by Apple, Amazon, Google, Samsung, and others to create some kind of interoperability standard for the smart home. There are A LOT of cooks in this kitchen, with 145 separate companies and more than 1,300 individuals signed working on CHIP. It is a titanic effort.The good news is that the standard is still on track, with a certification coming later this year and actual certified products anticipated in 2021. The Alliance also provided a list of devices that CHIP will focus on; it includes lighting, HVAC, locks, security, shades, and more, but neither smart speakers nor white goods, such as large appliances. And to round things out, it offered a GitHub repository and a detailed look at some of the levels where CHIP will seek standardization. (The diagram can be found in the photo accompanying the podcast post below). But in many ways, the update was disappointing.

Source: Stacey on IoT | CHIP products will be out next year

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