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Variables is a big thing in the VSCP daemon. You may wounder why? What the fuck, can a variable be sexy or even be an interesting feature. I would say yes. But don’t trust me. Read on.

In VSCP land two sorts of variables are known. Persistent and non persistent. This is all about sessions. A non persistent variable is fast but is sent to never never land after a power loss or a VSCP daemon restart. That is when a session ends. Still useful for many things. But never around for to long. A bit like money if you think of it. At least mine.

The other type, the persistent one, lives also after a power drop and a VSCP server restart. Saved over sessions. That is, works just as they where a database items. Tell you a secret? They are. They are just exposed to the word as a “variable”.

All VSCP variables have a type. The type tells what sort of value a variable holds. There are plenty. First types like a string, integer, long, double, boolean. A string just stores some sort of text, just as an integer type stores a number and so on.



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