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Världen är alldeles för farlig att leva i – inte på grund av de människor som gör det onda, men på grund av de människor som står bredvid och låter dem göra det.
Albert Einstein (That is some Swedish for you.)

Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero

Welcome to my (Åke Hedman) personal page. I don't know your reason for being here but on this page I take the opportunity to talk about my self, my family, my friends and my projects. This is because the page belongs to me and is about me and its my personal page. Its not here because I think I am the best person in the world though… I'm just yet another programmer….

Contact Information

Company Site:
Address: Ake Hedman, Grodans Paradis AB, Brattbergavägen 17, 820 50 LOS, Sweden
Skype: vscpman
WGS84: N 61° 44.651' (61.7441833), E 15° 09.625' (15.1604167)
SWEREF 99 16 30: 6849152, 79225

Personal Information

My CV is available here (in Swedish) cv ake hedman

Yet another programmers blog

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Min musik / My music

Skrivet (another - sorry - Swedish section)

Här (just här) samlar jag lite sammanställt skrivet material jag har gjort. På gott eller ont liksom.



I am involved in some projects that might interest you:

I am the maintainer of the VSCP project

Grodans Paradis AB is my company and it is located on the web at Some low cost solutions for environment monitoring and control.

The CAN project has a CAN Linux driver, canal (CAN Abstraction Layer), VSCP (Very simple Control Protocol, also at ) and some other useful stuff. Its located at The project (EDA -Event, Decision, Action) that builds an engine for home automation control is also at this place . Join us in this challenging task if this is something that interest you.

ActiveX controls where one of my business of the past now they are free and down loadable at SourceForge:

Free software...

My life as a programmer started out in the late 70th. And I built my first computer in the early 80th. In 1991-1992 my company released one of the first VBX control packages on the market for Visual Basic. The controls in the package are nowadays free and can be downloaded (with source) on this page. At the same time I developed a groupware program called Gold for Workgroup. This program is available here complete with Visual Basic source. This program was quite a success at the time but is very old now…. The latest project is a piece that fits perfectly between EDA and M.U.M.I.N. is VSCP (Very Simple Control Protocol ) a CAN-protocol for SOHO automation. Info is here.

My former company eurosource also produced several successful ActiveX controls that was sold on the Internet. Today they are freely available, with source code on this link.

How I live

This is the way I live today with my family. An old school house with 200 m2 at the ground floor for my wife's and my business and 200 m2 for my family upstairs.

Food... Why I'm a vegetarian

I eat a lot and I like food very much but if I have the decision in my hand I rather not eat meat. I'm not a fanatic but made up my mind about this several years ago. The thing is that I prefer to kill the things I eat myself instead of letting others do it. And if I should do this ( kill animals ) I wouldn't get a lot to eat anyway….

Whiskey, cigars and beer is alright though…. Good wine is also fine.

Historical - Things I have been involved in/done

It's me to the right in this picture.
To listen to some of my mine and my friends music this is the place to go which is the site for the hardrock band (the same as in the picture above) that I once played in.

Short video from gig at Voxstock 2004

A price I won 2011 for some electronics modules I made

A historical page from a now dead, and dearly missed Swedish computer magazine.


I constructed a game called “virus” a long time ago. This was sort of my first public program and the only game i have developed. “virus” would probably not be a good name nowadays but it was back then.


Jackie-1200 was the first product I was involved in the construction of (1984). From mock-up to delivered product. It took all its power from the phone net and therefore did not need any extra power supply. Also it was much smaller the all other modems in the range. For speed we talk about 75/1200 here. 1986

1985 Jackie-AT was the first Swedish Hayes compatible modem. I did the firmware, testequipment and the manual. For speed we talk 1200/1200 baud.

Infratex was a videotex wireless unit. 1986. I did firmware and test equipment.

Catch. 1984. First credit card terminal in Sweden. Support software.

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